Stress-Free Hosting: 11 Things Every Guest Room Needs

With the holidays comes overnight guests and visiting friends and family. When you’re the one hosting the out-of-towners it can seem more stressful than fun. Don’t fret, I’ve got 11 things every guest room needs for stress-free hosting. Guaranteed these tips will even impress your in-laws. 

If you’re hosting guests you already have the basics like a bed and clean linens, but here are 11 more suggestions to whip that guest room and bathroom into shape before guests pull into the driveway.

Stress-Free Hosting: 11 Things Every Guest Room Needs

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Stress-Free Hosting: 11 Things Every Guest Room Needs

Keep Guests Feeling Cozy

This tip works all year long, no matter the season.  Think about the extras you get when staying at a fancy hotel room and then incorporate them into your guest room and bathroom. They don’t have to cost a bundle and they can make a grand impression. Add a fluffy cotton bathrobe on a hook behind the bathroom door. While I pack appropriate PJs when staying with family, not every guest does, so this allows guests a chance to enjoy a coffee or breakfast in the kitchen without feeling the need to fully dress. 

Stress-Free Hosting: 11 Things Every Guest Room Needs

All The Extras

When I travel, the first thing I do upon arrival at a hotel is call the front desk for extra pillows. Pillows are among the things every guest room needs. I admit it, I cocoon myself in pillows when I sleep. So I offer the same comfy option for my guests.  I have extra pillows on the guest bed and my guests can determine if they wish to use them or not. And while there’s a fluffy down comforter and duvet on the bed, it’s also a nice gesture to have extras like a cable knit blanket, cashmere throw, or even a cotton blanket for the warmer seasons.

Stress-Free Hosting: 11 Things Every Guest Room Needs

Have A Place To Unpack

Your guests have arrived with suitcases in tow and now what? Have a place for them to set down their suitcase. While a folding suitcase stand is ideal when you don’t have a lot of space, a bench, ottoman or even a pouf can help guests feel like they have more than the just the bed for something as simple as putting on shoes or pulling out clothes for the day.

Stress-Free Hosting: 11 Things Every Guest Room Needs

Getting Dressed

Everyone likes a final look when they’re done getting dressed and your guests are no different. Having a full-length mirror in the bedroom can add the impression of not only more space to the bedroom, but a luxe appeal. If there’s no space in the bedroom, then even hanging a simple full-length mirror in the guest bathroom is handy and helpful.

Stress-free hosting: 11 things for every guest room

Offer Storage Options

Nobody likes to live out of a suitcase, especially if they’re items that may wrinkle. Be sure to clear space in the guest bedroom closet. A nice touch is offering plenty of matching wooden hangers or thin velvet hangers. Clear out a dresser drawer or two as well or perhaps add an ottoman or upholstered bench at the base of a bed.

Artful Decor

A thoughtfully decorated room can make a big impression on your guests. Remove the clutter, even if it’s just for your guests visit, and add some framed photos from a recent vacation to spark a conversation. Use a guests upcoming visit as an opportunity to finally add some artwork to the walls from easy to choose sites like Minted or find some unique pieces and objects from the maker series at West Elm.

Let There Be Light

Just like the lighting in your own bedroom makes life nicer, your guests appreciate the ambiance of well-placed lighting as well. Overhead lighting in a bedroom is really for the initial entry into the bedroom. Come nightfall bedside lighting for before bed reading or a well-placed standing lamp by a window or in a corner next to a comfy chair is what gives guests the same at home comfort they enjoy.

A Good Night’s Sleep

While a comfy bed and pillows are important to a good night’s sleep, most homeowners forget about window treatments in a guest room. Even before you think about buying artwork or a fancy rug, think about the windows. Even if no one can see into the bedroom, we all want a feeling of privacy and when it comes to sleep a dark room is best. Fabric draperies can make a huge difference in offering privacy, blocking ou light, absorbing sound and help control temperature in a room.

Turn Down Service

You’re not your guest’s housekeeper, but you do want them to feel at home. A simple hostess tip is to set a S’well bottle on a coaster on a bedside table for guests use while visiting. A bottle of water will also do the trick, but a reusable bottle is great for guests if your plans include day trips, athletic activities and more than the simple glass of water overnight.

Reading Materials

While many homeowners don’t have TVs in a guest room, most guests do like to unwind a bit pre-sleep. Add a small stack of recent magazines and top-rated books in the guest room for your visitors to enjoy. Encourage them to take home a book if they’re enjoying it. You’ve read it already so pass it on. Another option is to offer an iPad with Netflix accessibility if they want to unwind and watch a show before bed if you plan to retire behind closed doors early.

Stress-Free Hosting: 11 Things Every Guest Room Needs

The Little Things

And # 11 of things every guest rooms needs to stress-free hosting is an easy one. Everyone can relate to forgetting to pack some toiletries that are crucial on a trip. Remove the possibility of having to dash to the pharmacy and provide the necessary basics for your guests. Fill a woven basket or colorful tray in the bathroom with extras like toothbrushes, travel size toothpaste, lotion, disposable razors, and sunscreen. Set a bottle of liquid hand soap next to the sink and have extra shampoo, conditioner and body wash in the shower. And always offer your guests a full set of towels – bath, hand and face towel. 

I hope this helps lead to stress-free hosting guests all year long.



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