5 Workout Moves To A Better Body

I’ve been going to Sandbox Fitness for the last year to do two things – sweat and stay in shape. As a style expert on TV and a Los Angeles stylist I’ve got to stay in shape so I can feel confident in my clothes and still enjoy a cookie or cupcake guilt-free. Co-owner Minna Herskowitz showed me 5 workout moves to a better body from cardio to core. We performed all of these moves from the Surfset classes she teaches. You may recognize Surfset or the surfboards from ABC’s Shark Tank where they were first seen, but the cool thing is all of these moves can also be done at home on the floor. On a surfboard the classes are harder as you work to maintain your balance so she suggests doing more reps or longer sets if you do them at home.  I was not my usual chatty self in the videos since we’d just done an hour workout. I was also focused on being in sync with my fab instructor. Sandbox Fitness and their Surfset classes are one of the top new workouts in LA.

It always helps to dress the part to get motivated so scroll down for workout wear suggestions. And to learn more about Surfset classes in Los Angeles check out Sandbox Fitness.

If you’re doing any of these moves at home Minna suggests doing three rounds of 30, 45 and 60 seconds on a yoga mat or while wearing sneakers.

5 Workout Moves To A Better Body

Squat, Hop, Reach And Plank

Squat, hop, reach and plank: This is a full body move focusing on the bigger muscles in the body, quads, glutes and core.

All of these fitness moves were done on the surfboard while wearing sand socks. You can do them in bare feet, but the socks help preserve a pedicure. Doing a workout in the sand is less jarring on the joints, but definitely intense.

Single Arm Single Leg Crunch

Single arm single leg crunch: This is a slow and controlled move working on balance and focusing on triceps, shoulders, glutes, and core.

Squat Jacks

Squat Jacks: try moving as fast as you can. This is a great cardio move that really targets your glutes and shoulders.

Killer Ab Knee Tucks

Killer ab knee tucks: This move works every muscle in your core. Plus doing it on the surfboard really engages your obliques as well.

Push Up With A Twist

Push ups with twist: Don’t want to time it then try at 15 of these to start.  This move works your chest, shoulder, and obliques.

Workout Wear

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Style Expert and Los Angeles Stylist and Personal Shopper Alison Deyette does not claim to be a fitness instructor, but she’s an active participant in Pilates, tennis, Surfset and dance classes so stay tuned for more workout moves in the future.

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