6 Exercise Tabata Workout

 Workout and wake up! For fitness this month we’re sharing a 6 exercise Tabata workout to kick your routine into high gear. Tabata is comprised of short bursts of all out intensity with a short break in between. It’s HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), but with shorter work and rest periods.  To give you some perspective, a 16 minute HIIT workout is equivalent to an hour at the gym. With Tabata you work as hard as you can for 20
seconds, then rest for 10. This can be done for cardio, with sprinting then walking, core strength, with any 2 exercises back to back. HIIT and Tabata workouts are an optimal way to build muscle and train your heart in a short period of time. You not only burn over 4 times the amount calories as you would if you did a low intensity steady gym
workout, but due to the after burn effect experts says your metabolism burns 9 times more
calories for the next 24-48 hours post workout as well. So get out of the mindset of hitting the gym for an hour or nothing. It can be done anywhere with little to no equipment at all. 

My workout partner, physical trainer Minna Herskowitz from Sandbox-Fitness suggests doing the routine for four minutes so try to get through this routine at least three to four times. These can easily be done in your own home.


 6 Exercise Tabata Workout 

1. Jump squats: Swing your arms behind you as you lower your butt down, then swing your arms forward and jump up as high as you can, lower down and repeat. Works your legs arms, and abs. If you need to modify you can do regular squats without the jump.

2. Mountain climbers: Get in to plank position and run your knees in to your chest one at a time as fast as you can keeping your shoulders over your hands. You can always hold the plank to modify. Works abs and shoulders.

3. Jumping lunges: Start with one foot in front of the other and lower your back knee down, swing your arms and jump up switching your feet. If you need to modify just step one foot back at a time without the jump. Works legs and abs. 

4. Burpee Push ups: Start in plank posting lower down to a push up, jump both knees in to chest and jump up to stand. Lower hand back down to plank and repeat. If you need to modify drop to the knees on the push up, and step one foot in at a time instead of jumping. Works chest, abs, and arms. 

5. Speed Skaters: Start standing and hope to the left on your left foot, kicking your right foot behind your left then hop to the right and do the same. Keep alternating as fast as you can. Works balance, glutes, and core 

6. Shoulder taps: Start in plank position lift your right hand off the floor and tap your left shoulder then lower and do the same with the left. Keep alternating as fast as you can. You can always modify by doing planks on your knees. Works shoulder and obliques.

Tabata WorkoutMinna and Alison are wearing workout wear from Athleta and Lora Jane Activewear.

Style Expert Alison Deyette is TV + Digital Host and Los Angeles stylist who happens to be a fitness enthusiast as well. She and Minna Herskowitz create short fitness videos for specialty moves each month from Sandbox Fitness.

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