Alternative Styles With Activist and Comedian Rebecca Corry

Animal activist and super funny comedian Rebecca Corry talks Stand Up For Pits on episode #7 of Alternative Styles podcast with Alison Deyette and Jesse Brune-Horan.

comedian Rebecca CorryActivist And Comedian Rebecca Corry talks Stand Up For Pits, Plus: NYC for $28/month?!

Today we’re hanging out with animal activist and comedian Rebecca Corry, founder of Stand Up For Pits!  She’ll tell us about her creative process and the foster dog that changed her life for good. She has lots to share from funny stories to dog tales to her frustration with neglectful animal owners.

Plus, how a woman managed to spend over 60 years in a Greenwich Village apartment for $28/month. Alison and Jesse are jealous of her rent in this New York story. And the unsettling trend of imposter service animals to the things everyone should do by 30 to consider themselves a “grown ass woman”.

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