Artists Arielle Estoria & Fawn Arthur Share Their Creativity

For our 30th episode, we bring you a special Art Issue of Alternative Styles podcast featuring spoken word poet Arielle Estoria and visual artist Fawn Arthur!  Arielle Estoria joins us for a live performance bringing us “words not for the ears but for the soul”.  Her words pull at our emotions. She tells us it’s her goal for us to feel something. 

Artists Arielle Estoria and Fawn Arthur Share Their Creativity

alternative styles art issue

Visual Artist Fawn Arthur talks about her love of combining art and pop culture.  She also explains the immersive nature of her work and describes her passion for extending her art to the community.  She takes on projects alone and in collaboration with her husband, artist Michael Farhat. Together the couple works with charitable organizations under the name Art Mobb.  

This video explores strength in sisterhood. The Strength in Sisterhood collection from is made to inspire, unify, educate and empower. Arielle Estoria, the star of the video and wrote the amazing spoken poem for the video. Dani Nagel, founder of Dazey LA met Arielle at a conference last year and was moved by her spoken word poetry performance. When she had the idea for this video she knew there wouldn’t be a better girl for the job. Arielle wrote the poem based off of the collection and worked closely with Dani to bring her vision to life. 

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Check Out So Much More Of Artists Arielle Estoria & Fawn Arthur

I couldn’t let you go without listening to another strong piece from Arielle. This Is For You is emotional, moving and inspiring. Just click to listen. Find out more about poet Arielle Estoria on her site. And you can hear her album on Spotify or iTunes.

Visual artist Fawn Arthur loves to create from just about anything she can find whether it be upcycling a claw-footed into a Gucci labeled chair to installations for the NBA All-Star Weekend.  Fawn is also part of the Art Mobb duo with her husband and artist Michael Farhat. They work with charitable organizations such as Lupus LA, Athletes VS Cancer, Adidas, Canna Kids, NBPWA, & JDRF.

imperial courts in watts

As part of Art Mobb, Fawn designed and painted this basketball court in the Imperial Courts in Watts for the kids who play here.


Fawn’s work for NBA All-Star Weekend.

couture court by Fawn arthur

Part of Fawn’s Couture Court art.


Fawn amid her work.

With our guests on the show.

alison deyette, arielle estoria, jesse brune

Alison, Arielle and Jesse

Alison Deyette, Fawn Arthur, Jesse Brune

Alison, Fawn and Jesse

Alternative Styles podcast

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