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While many of us may be thinking about our new year’s resolutions and trying to trim down by a few pounds, my thoughts turn to planning the next party and what I’ll be wearing or dressing others for whether it be for the Oscars, Valentine’s Day or upcoming events. And then my thoughts turn to the need for GOOD FOOD for those occasions! I shopped online and tasted some of the top FOODS from around the world that can be delivered to your front door. Since I’m Marie Osmond’s style contributor on her show, I shared my favorites with her and the audience. Here’s my top picks that I’ve shared with friends and family.

Pastoral Artisan Cheese, Bread and Wine (

European inspired cheese and specialty food shop. Sometimes the perfect meal is a baguette and cheese. But not just any cheese, I like picks from France, Spain and other foreign countries for my brie, Fontina, Gouda and Manchego. They have created delicious pairings of cheese, wine, charcuterie and extras like honey or jams. Featuring Around the World and Kitchen Essentials.  Prices range from $6 to under $200.

Jacques Torres Chocolate (

Who doesn’t love chocolate?  They do a variety of chocolate, truffles, decadent chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate, and bars in wickedly good flavors—everything is delicious! They use the finest ingredients and they combine exotic ingredients together with chocolate like chilies, nuts, and ginger. Prices range from $6-96.

Carousel Cakes (

They had me at red velvet.  And Oprah and Gayle fell hard for their blue velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and sugar snowflakes. If that’s not your dream cake, don’t fret because they have cupcakes, rich chocolate cakes and mousses as well. Approximately $40.

Squirrel Brand Nut Company (

The company has been around since 1888 and they are not your average nut company. This isn’t about a bag of peanuts at the ball park. These nuts are packaged beautifully in tins and wooden boxes and have highly addictive flavors like Crème Brulee Almonds, Fleur de Sel Pistachios, Herbes de Provence Pecans, Artisan-Peppercorn Blistered Virginia Peanuts. Prices range from $23-50

Pipcorn (

No floss required when you snack on this variety of hulless popcorn which means it’s crunchy yet tender. It’s also naturally grown, popped in small batches using extra virgin olive oil and extremely tasty whether you choose to add flavors like lemon truffle or go with their signature rosemary. You can buy bags that come packaged in a cool wooden crate or large bags. 6 large bags for $36

Schwans (

Having a party and don’t have time to prepare it all? Whether you’re feeding the family, your kid’s football team or your friends you can seem like a super chef when you choose it all from Schwan’s.  From Schwan’s Home Service we have these delicious flatbreads great for any party or a quick snack.  Schwan’s offers hundreds of delicious flash frozen foods that are delivered right to your door so you can create meals to serve and share with your friends and family.  Visit to shop for a unique variety of delicious meals and original recipes the whole family will love. And it’s affordable! Featuring the Spinach and Mushroom Flatbread Pizza and the Roasted Garlic and Chicken Flatbread Pizza, serves four for $8.30.

ONEHOPE wine (

In a short period of time ONEHOPE Wine has become one of the most recognizable cause brands in the United States of America. ONEHOPE Wine donates an astounding 50% of its profits to partner charities benefiting a variety of causes. To date ONEHOPE has raised over $1,000,000 for a wide range of charity organizations that benefit the environment, cancer research, ending hunger, helping veterans and children’s hospitals and more. ONEHOPE has become the socially conscious wine of choice at several hundred premier events including the Grammy’s, The American Red Cross Gala, the BAFTA’s, Sundance Film Festival and VH1 Save the Music. They have a variety of wines from Pinot noir to Merlot to Sauvignon Blanc. Wines range in price from $19-60.

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