Best Spring Dresses For Your Body Shape

As a contributing style editor for Closer Weekly, I share advice, fashion tips and the latest trends in style and home plus what’s trending in entertainment news. Here’s my recent piece on the best Spring dresses for your body shape.

Best Spring Dresses For Your Body Shape

best dresses for your body shape

Pear Shape

If you’re pear shape try a fit-and-flare dress. With a fit-and-flare dress you flaunt a small waist while hiding hips. In other words a fuller skirt will make your waist  look smaller. If you add a texture or a print on top you’ll add volume to a small chest.

Curvy Shape

If you’re curvy try a belted shirt dress. A cinched dress shows off a curvy girls’s waist to enhance an hourglass shape. A printed style distracts from any lumps and bumps, while contrasting buttons create a slimming vertical focal point.

Apple Shape

If you’re an apple shape try a shift dress. Flattering a top-heavy body is all about hiding a tummy and showing off slim stems. A shift dress won’t cling to your middle, because it hangs straight. Choose a style that hits just above the knee – the legs’ thinnest point.

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