Bold And Bright Hair Color

Take a look at these amazing pictures and be inspired, literally or vicariously, to express yourself with some bold and bright hair color. From soft to strong, it’s no longer just about being a blonde, brunette or a red head anymore. Time to experiment with some colors of the rainbow.

The trend for coloring your hair with colors of the rainbow is fun whether it’s just a streak, an attached pony tail or changing you hair color completely. I’ve experimented with multiple shades of blonde and brunette over my lifetime. Have you added any fun colors to your hair or experimented with a whole new shade? Send me your photos and share your hair dos.

Bold And Bright Hair Color

Soft Pink Hair Color

pink hair

Model: Sulli (InStyle)

pink hair color

Model: Cora Emmanuel and Constance Jablonski, Photographer: Sharif Hamza (V #82 Spring 2013)

Half and Half Hair Color

bright hair color

Model: Charlotte Free, Photographer: Max Abadian (Flare March 2013)

Color For Your Ponytail

taylor swift pony tail

Model: Taylor Swift, Photographer: Carter Smith, Stylist: Joe Zee (Elle US March 2013)

multi color pony tail

Model: Valeri van der Graaf, Photographer: Kristin Vicari,  (Nylon April 2013)



Model: Lida Fox, Photographer: Meinke Klein

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