Deliciously Spooky Halloween Mint Chocolate Bark Recipe

mint chocolate bark recipe

This year, trade in trick-or-treating for bake-or-treating! Instead of hitting the streets with the family, get dressed-up in your costumes and make this Halloween Mint Chocolate Bark from Michael’s instead. Filled with spook-tacular surprises in every bite, this fun and decadent recipe is completely customizable depending on what type of toppings you use. Feel like […]

Buttery Flaky Pie Crust Recipe For Newbie Bakers

homemade pie crust recipe

You KNOW you wanna make a pie this holiday season. If you have the patience to make your own pie crust then please – use this buttery pie crust recipe. Chef Jesse Brune who’s my co-host on pour Alternative Styles podcast mastered the pie crust and wanted to share for newbie bakers or those of […]

Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes To Impress Your Guests

delicious thanksgiving recipes

It’s our Thanksgiving episode of Alternative Styles and in honor of our favorite holiday we’ve got celebrity chef Manouschka Guerrier and special guest-chef Manifa Nazarian joining our chefs’ table. We’re sharing delicious Thanksgiving recipes to impress your guests. We discuss delicious dishes which may be new to you like a bacon weave turkey and recipes for […]

Super Easy Delicious Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

 One of our favorite comfort foods this time of year is butternut squash soup. It’s perfectly sweet and savory which in our book = 100% satisfying. You’re gonna LIVE for this “super easy” recipe.  This recipe is perfect as a starter course or if you’re a soup addict like us just get a big bowl […]

Delicious, Health-Conscious Queso Dip For Parties!

We’re entering the busiest “party” season of the year. With all the goodies available, it’s nice to have some alternative recipes to help us feel a little balanced.  We’ve got a delicious, health-conscious queso dip for parties. Here’s my Alternative Styles co-host Jesse Brune’s new take on our favorite queso dip. He adds healthy ingredients […]

Super Easy Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe

super easy pizza dough recipe

Pizza is on my top five list of favorite foods. And likely it’s on your list too. So my Alternative Styles podcast and Super Easy YouTube channel co-host, Jesse Brune is giving me the lowdown on a super easy homemade pizza dough recipe. Once made it’s up to you to add whatever toppings you want. This […]