Turtleneck Sweaters Are This Seasons Must Have Item

turtleneck sweaters

Oversized and comfy. Slouchy and long. Fitted with bright stripes. Turtleneck sweaters are this seasons must have item. Haven’t worn one in a while? You’re missing out. You look youthful wearing one when you pull your hair up in a ponytail. It keeps you warmer. It hides your neck if you’re beginning to have thoughts […]

These Cool Blazer Styles Are Reigning Supreme

These Cool Blazer Styles Are Reigning Supreme

The blazer comeback? It never left, but this season these blazer styles are reigning supreme and should be considered a bonus to your wardrobe. The blazer is a tried-and-true power piece for professional dressing, but now designers are offering various iterations from pastel colors to pretty prints to updated versions of checkered patterns. A plaid […]

10 Best Faux Fur Bags You’ll Want Right Now

10 Best faux fur bags

Soft, furry, and fuzzy bags are definitely the “it thing” to have among your accessories this season. I’ve picked out the 10 best faux fur bags you’ll want right now that won’t be a one season wonder. I still own several faux fur totes and top handles plus a vintage find that make appearances every Fall […]

Ultimate Guide To The Hottest Sunglasses For 2018

hottest sunglasses

I don’t know anyone who only owns one pair of sunglasses. Most of us have a drawer full of styles to choose from depending on our mood, our makeup, our hair or our outfit. We rounded up the ultimate guide to the hottest sunglasses for 2018 to make your search for your next style so […]

Stylish Summer Hairstyles To Beat The Heat

summer hairstyles

We love long hair, but we loathe the sweaty mess of summer. Heat and humidity can mean messy dos so we’ve come up with our seven favorite stylish summer hairstyles to beat the heat. From braids to updos these hairstyles are easy to replicate.  Stylish Summer Hairstyles To Beat The Heat Two Braids and a […]

Best Waterproof Summer Makeup and Tinted Sunscreen

waterproof summer makeup

It’s summer and the water is calling our name. Whether you’re going to the beach, floating in your own pool, or even a trip to a water park, you don’t want to give up looking cute in photos. Heat, humidity and swimming can leave us looking like a hot mess. We’ve picked the best waterproof […]