Cool Father’s Day Gifts

Skip the tie and get dad a cool Father’s Day gift that keeps him in sync when traveling, makes him look cool amid a crowd, or simply cook a feast with some of his favorites foods. Here are my top picks for dad.

Cool Father’s Day Gifts

Dad Grub – Frickin’ Delicious

cool father's day gifts

the mantry

The Mantry ($75-450) is the modern man’s pantry of artisan goods like BBQ sauce from Alabama, award winning bison jerky from Montana, birch syrup hand harvested in Alaska, etc. It’s a food-of-the-month club that helps you discover American artisan food and what to do with it.

Restaurant Row – Get it all in one place.

steaks     custard cake

Flannery Beef and Anderson’s Frozen Custard Cake

chicken wings     Duff's BBQ

Duff’s Famous Wings and Best of BBQ

Foody Direct – Get BBQ, wings, pie, ice cream, seafood and more all in one place from America’s most iconic restaurants , bakeries nad artisan producers. All get rave reviews. It’s like shopping “restaurant row.” I love that you can order dad a feast.

DJ Daddy – The Music Lover


For those who have an eye for vintage design, the Hinge headphones feature a simple, classic look with warm colors, stitched protein leather, subtle hardware details and comfort. These on-ear headphones are the essential travel companion for anyone who likes to listen to music on the go thanks to its foldable design. Celeb dads like David Beckham travel with their headphones. Hinge headphones, $180 Polk Audio

polk audio

With an etched metal top that’s engineered to look like a record and chestnut protein leather wrapping around the speaker’s entirety, the only thing square about this speaker is its shape. In addition to its eye-pleasing aesthetics, the Camden Square is a portable Bluetooth speaker that boasts four full-range high-performance drivers and two bass radiators so the sound is balanced and full at every level. Providing users with a whopping 24 hours of music listening, unique to the speaker is that it comes with Polk’s DJ Stream IOS and Android app, which allows 4 people to build one playlist from their individual music libraries. One user is selected as the DJ Host and can select music from all four devices to create one collaborative playlist and up to 128 Guest DJ’s can view the list, vote on music and become an Active DJ when a DJ drops off or disconnects. Camden Square, $299.95 Polk Audio


The Javelin Executive Daypack will get users through the airport security lines quicker with ECBC’s FastPass® technology, which allows travelers to leave laptops and tablets within the bag by simply unzipping a front compartment and laying it completely flat on the airport security conveyer belt. Outfitted in ballistic nylon, one of the toughest and thickest materials available, it also features smaller compartments designed to hold a water bottle and neatly tuck away phones, boarding passes, hand sanitizer and other on-the-go necessities for quick and easy trips. Available in gray or black, Javelin Executive Daypack, $130 ECBC

garment bag

The Sparrow Wheeled Garment Bag is a thoughtfully constructed carry-on bag made from high dernier ballistic nylon, an ultra-durable, water-resistant and protective material known for its superior resistance to tearing and ripping. Designed for the modern traveler—anyone who travels with portable electronics—it’s the first carry-on luggage to feature the pioneering FastPass® System, a TSA-compliant, front zippered flap that keeps all electronic gear secured in a high-density foam compartment for a quicker and more efficient process through airport security. The bag also boasts two dedicated garment areas designed to prevent wrinkles and tears and store all items in safely and securely, comes with a 4,500 mAh portable charger to keep devices powered while on the go and features a variety of pockets, pouches and organizers, making it an all-in-one travel solution. Available in black or grey, Sparrow Wheeled Garment Bag, $400 ECBC

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