Costume Designer Ane Crabtree On The Handmaid’s Tale

We’re obsessed with and excited about this episode! We get to talk to Emmy-nominated costume designer Ane Crabtree about The Handmaid’s Tale on episode #24 of Alternative Styles podcast. 

Costume Designer Ane CrabtreeEmmy Nominated Costume Designer Ane Crabtree On The Handmaid’s Tale

costume designer ane crabtree

Deconstructing Costume Design & Dystopia Plus Halloween Wins & Fails

Emmy-nominated costume designer Ane Crabtree joins us to discuss one of our favorite shows –  The Handmaid’s Tale. Ane talks about the costume designs seen both on screen and its impact on politics. She explains her method of bringing a dystopian future to life, combining industrial design and psychological things like “no buttons and no zippers because it’s too salacious.” Ane talks about her feelings when she first saw a woman at a political rally utilizing her handmaid’s costume. She also shares her experiences working on Westworld, The Sopranos, Pan Am and the upcoming movie, The Last Thing He Wanted that was directed by Dee Rees and starring Anne Hathaway.

Plus: From Chipotle Babies to DIY Jellyfish, Alison and Jesse talk Halloween costume wins & fails…and we get a quote from a woman who dressed some of the most famous women in history from Grace Kelly to Jane Fonda to Katharine Hepburn to Audrey Hepburn to Ginger Rogers.

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Ane Crabtree, Alison Deyette, Jesse Brune

Halloween Costumes

Let’s first start with some of our favorite “wins.”

Group Halloween costume win idea

French Kiss

I love this one! It’s such an easy Halloween group costume to create. Everyone wears a striped shirt, beret, and a scarf. Each person paints their face to look like one of the members of the rock band KISS and then carry a baguette and a glass of wine. 

Best DIY halloween group costume - jellyfish

DIY Jellyfish

I am definitely replicating this costume with a group of friends. You just need the clear plastic umbrellas to add streamers, string lights and a black marker to draw eyes.

DIY News Flash costume win

News Flash

This is smart and simple for that last minute invite. Grab a newspaper and tape it together and attach it a tank top and shorts or mini skirt or a strapless dress. Wear a trench coat over the look. Then “flash” people with your look.

group halloween costume win

Shit Show

A great costume for a group of women to express themselves.

Angelina Jolie Funny Costume

Angelina Jolie and her “baby”

Abercrombie Costume

Muscle Man

Stranger things halloween costume

Stranger Things

I’ve seen several people recreate this look, but on a little kid, it’s darn cute.

baby costume ideas

Baby Burrito

Birkin Bag kid costume

Birkin Bag

I’m impressed with all the details of creating this bag. Kudos to the fashionable costume. Now just make it a bigger size for me please or hand me the real thing.

Never Ending Story costume

Never Ending Story 

This DIY costume too work! 

Now time for Halloween costume “fails.”

Peter Pan Halloween costume win

Peter Pan

I’m not going trick or treating with this guy, but it is a little funny and a smidge clever. I’m guessing it’s from the 70’s in New York City.

Googel costume fail

Google Costume

You get it right? The girl in the middle represents the two o’s in Google. Ugh. I’m also guessing neither of these guys is her date.

Halloween costume fail

Just plain dumb. 

Halloween costume fail

Another dumb guy thinking he’s clever. 

Box Wine Costume Fail


Halloween costume fail

Snooki Missing

Well, for Snooki this is clever, but I just don’t care.

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