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My feature as the Stylist Spotlight on the Digital Stylist Network! Get to know me as a stylist and what sets me apart in doing what I love.

“Styling is part therapy.”

Stylist Alison Deyette

What makes you unique as a stylist?

Although I’ve worked for years at fashion magazines, on television, and with celebrity clients, I love working with all kinds of people to help them find their unique, personal style. I’m here to raise YOUR game, and my sole focus is to help YOU look good, which will instantly boost your confidence and help create a positive attitude. I take a hands-on, personal approach to each client, analyzing what works, then standing next to them every step of the way, from wardrobe overhaul and organization to shopping for and styling a whole new image. I’m like the best girlfriend with real experience, whom you can trust to give it to you straight, with a smile, and no ulterior motive. I also know that it’s part therapy as well. You need to listen to a client before you make any big changes.

When women shop on their own, what’s their biggest mistake?

They gravitate to what’s safe, what’s worked for them in the past and they fall prey to sale psychosis. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean it will work with items in their existing wardrobe. And women and men, shouldn’t assume that an item bought off the rack is always going fit perfect. A good tailor can tweak an item and make it extraordinary for their body.

Before someone hires a stylist, what do they need to know?

Nowadays, it seems everybody is trying to be stylist. Before hiring a stylist, a woman or man should ask a stylist about their experience, references and fashion background.

Have you ever worked with major companies or clientele?

I’ve had a fortunate career first as a Fashion Director on national women’s magazines for years and a freelance stylist for a multitude of campaigns and catalogs and now on TV as a Host and Style Expert. I’ve worked with a long list of major companies, brands, and designers and clientele that range from celebrities, models and incredible women and men.

If you could splurge on one thing for fall, what would it be?

I’ve always wanted to add a Peter Pilotto dress or two to my wardrobe. His prints are jaw-drop amazing! I’m a dress fiend so it’s always the category I click first when shopping online.


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