Four Easy Party Hacks That Save Time And Money

My Super Easy co-host Jesse Brune-Horan and I like to throw parties (and attend them too, of course). We’ve got four easy party hacks that save time and money. 

four easy Party Hacks that save time and money

Watch our four easy party hacks that save time and money!

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Four Easy Party Hacks That Save Time And Money

1st Party Hack – Lighting

Easiest way to add some ambience to a party is with lighting and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Pull out the lights usually reserved for your Christmas tree and string them around the room, along the mantel or over doorways. To give the lights a decorative tweak take muffin cups, cut a small slit and slide over the bulb so it looks like “shade” over the light. I like using metallic muffin cups for more pizazz, but if you use white muffin cups do a little DIY and decorate them with markers to create a festive design from colorful dots to stripes.

2nd Party Hack – Serving Trays

serving tray decorative basket

You don’t need fancy trays to serve your food. Walk around your house and you likely already own what you need to serve appetizers and snacks. That tray that holds your keys to the decorative basket that holds some baubles can become serving trays for your party. Just clean them — obviously! Then put a piece of parchment paper on or in the item you plan to use and you’ve just saved a step when it’s time to clean again before they go back to their original use. For example, a cutting board becomes a cheese board. When you use parchment paper to display your cheeses use a marker to write what each cheese is and you’re suddenly a little fancy.

3rd Party Hack – Ice Bucket

If your ice bucket is already in use to chill your wine, then that colander that’s usually draining your pasta steps in as the perfect substitute for offering ice. Fill the colander with ice and then set the colander into a large bowl. As the ice melts, the water will seep into the bowl while keeping the ice fresh from sitting in water. 

4th Party Hack – Chill Your Wine 

Your friend brings you a warm bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Gee, thanks. Well, we’ve got hack to chill it pronto. Fill an ice bucket with ice, slip the bottle into the bucket then fill the bucket with water and salt. Salt added to water and ice will reduce the freezing point of water and chill your bottle more thoroughly in under 6 minutes. 

lifestyle expert alison deyette

Enjoy your next party! 

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