Fashion DIY: How to Bleach Denim Designs

Ever wanted to tweak the look of your jeans? Time for a fashion DIY: how to bleach denim designs with my Super Easy co-host Jesse Brune Horan. I recently did a closet cleaning and realized I owned 31 pairs of jeans. That’s at least 10 too many in my book particularly when so many look similar and there’s several I rarely wear. You know what I’m talking about, those skinnies that are too tight. With bleach pen in hand I was able to change some of those too similar pairs into something totally different. For more on how we took our denim and gave it a fashion tweak watch our latest video.

Fashion DIY: How to Bleach Denim Designs

Fashion DIY How To Bleach Denimstyle expert alison deyette


how to bleach denim designs

All you need is 100% cotton denim

Plus, bleach pens & chalk

First, determine your design. Then test it out by drawing the design with chalk which will work as a guide when you use the bleach pen. We used a Clorox bleach pen.

If you want to be more specific with your design or want to repeat a design then create a stencil with heavier card stock. Cut your stencil design and use it as a guide for your chalk marks. You can even use the stencil to help guide the bleach pen.

Once you’ve drawn your design with a bleach pen then let the denim sit to dry. A pair of cotton pants may take 30 minutes while a jean jacket or jeans should take 3 hours for the bleach to set in and dry.

diy bleach denim designs

Once dry, the bleached area will look crumbly. Over a sink or outdoors rub the area clean of the crumbly bits. You’ll be left with the completed design underneath. Then put the items in the washing machine on cold temperature to wash away any left over bleach dust and the chalk marks.

Fashion DIY: How to Bleach Denim Designs

Now the reveal:

fashion diy how to bleach jeans

how to bleach words on denim

Fashion diy how to bleach denim designs

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