Fashion Makeover – Kimberly

Fun Fashion Makeover and Reinvention

Your closet’s calling me and it has A LOT to say. Those black pants and skinny jeans are crying for a much needed break and that dress you bought on sale says it’s lonely and unworn. Time to reinvent your wardrobe, experiment with what you own and find multiple ways to wear one piece. I help women “shop” the rack in their own closet to cook up some new looks with just one new addition in the “Style Dish” fashion makeover series.

And Now In:

Style Dish – Episode 3 – Alison & Kimberly:

Meet Kimberly, simply said she’s beautiful inside and out. She was in the Peace Corps and now works for Step Up Women’s Network where I’m a Luminary Circle member. Kimberly needed my help mixing conservative pieces with her trendy purchases. She admitted she was choosing the same items over and over again in her closet. Since I am your Style Chef, check out how I took one key “ingredient”- a sleeveless printed a-line dress by Bar III available at Macy’s and styled it three ways in Kimberly’s wardrobe. And on a charitable note, we love to encourage other cool women to join us, so please take a moment and click on to learn how to help teen girls become confident, college-bound and career ready and network with genuinely lovely professional women in LA, NYC and Chicago.

Bar III sleeveless printed a-line dress, Macy’s

print dress

Theory belt and H & M blue blouse

j crew vest

J. Crew vest, Tory Burch belt, Vince cable knit cashmere sweater

H & M navy and black blazer

My fashion philosophy is that every item you own should be working triple-duty in your wardrobe. Every piece has a purpose and at least three ways to wear it.  In each episode, I visit a new woman struggling with her style. I’ll walk through her wardrobe, find out what she’s got going on and what simply has to GO, and then bring her guest back to the Style Studio.  With just one new ingredient — a dress, a top or the perfect skirt — I “cook” up three different outfits, mixing the new item with pieces pulled from our guest’s very own closet!

I show how to inventively mix-and-match pieces, how to wear it for work AND the weekend, and how to mix up black-tie or first date, cocktail party or concert. I’m serving up style here, boosting women’s confidence and teaching them to be more inventive, creative and experimental with their wardrobe.

fashion makeover

Style Expert Alison Deyette is a renowned TV host, Los Angeles stylist, and magazine contributor known best for her dynamic personality and her sharp sense of style. She’s dressed hundreds of clients – from the red carpet to regular folks – bringing a perspective that focuses on each individual and their unique goals, helping find the optimum look for any occasion, body type or budget.

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