Great Gatsby Fashions

Thanks to Baz Luhrmann for bringing The Great Gatsby to life on the big screen. Stylists, like myself, can revel in the gorgeous 20’s era fashions. From beading, feathers and fringe to the men dressed dashing and dapper in well-fitted suits, tuxes and seersucker. So whether you choose to be Daisy or sporty Jo or slip on a suit as stylish as Jay’s, just up your fashion quotient and dazzle ’em. Leornardo DiCaprio certainly knows how to wear a tux. Who doesn’t love a feathered fascinator in their hair and a chance to shimmy and shake?

Check out the fashions I styled inspired by the film.





Dresses by Sue Wong available at Neiman Marcus and Saks.

Menswear from Klein, Epstein & Parker, which is a men’s custom made to measure experience.

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