Halloween Costumes With Real Clothes

It’s easy to plan ahead and buy a costume, but sometimes you get a last minute invite so we’ve created Halloween costumes with real clothes. Unlike a bridesmaids dress these items can be added to your existing wardrobe after you – the creative genius – turned them into a costume for a Halloween party. Here’s our How To for your own DIY costumes from your own wardrobe.

Halloween Costumes With Real Clothes – Tips for Last Minute Invites

I chose two stars that dominate my karoake playlist.

Madonna & Olivia Newton-John

halloween costumes with real clothes

Creating these costumes are relatively simple and you’ll want to wear the goods all season.

Madonna – Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)

Cigarette Girl, “Susan! My god we thought you were dead.”

Susan, “No, just in New Jersey.”

The goods: Pile on bracelets and cuffs on your wrists and lots of chains around your neck. Black pants-You probably own several pairs. Black sneakers or black pumps. Curl your hair, spray on lots of hairspray and add a black ribbon or scarf to tie it back.

What you probably need:

bustier top     moto jacket

Tinley Road Strapless Ponte Bustier, $19.97 Piperlime

Sabine Tribal Moto Jacket, $89 Piperlime

Olivia Newtown-John – Grease (1978)

“Tell me about it stud.”

The goods: Add lots of curls to your hair. Wear hoop earrings. Add a bustier like the above choice or an off-the-shoulder black top.

leather jacket     leather leggings

Ark & Co Vegan Leather Moto Jacket, $98 Piperlime

Sanctuary Vegan Leather Leggings, $118 Piperlime

red heels     bubblegum cigarettes

RSVP Red Patent Pumps, $69 Zappos

BubblegumCigarettes, $1.19 Old Time Candy


Lauren Scharf

Grumpy Cat

grumpy cat

faux fur vest     makeup case

Love Tree Cream Fur Vest, $17.50 Zullily

Make Up For Ever’s 12 Flash Color Case, $99 Sephora

If you don’t know who Grumpy Cat is, run a Google image on her and prepare yourself for some chuckles. I’ve been a longtime fan of Grumpy Cat and decided this would be the year I take on her likeness for Halloween. Pairing with a white or neutral sweater underneath, this super affordable faux-fur vest made by Love Tree gives my costume all the snuggly-ness I’m going for. Then for the face, I use the brown and white from this colorful palate from Make Up For Ever. You can mix and match these colors and paint them anywhere on your face. I honestly recommend this for any costume you don this year, be it in the form of woman, beast, or internet meme!

Endless Amusement

Christina Moffitino


halloween costume with real clothes

gold bathing suit     blue skirt

Shiny Gold Tank Bodysuit, $27.99 American Apparel

Blue Chiffon Single Layer Full Skirt, $46 American Apparel

Your closet itsn’t usually the first place most people think to have pieces for a new Halloween costume. But if you stocked up on solid colors and a few basics,  your closet is certainly a gold mine for ideas. I bought this gold leotard and blue skirt, at separate times, from American Apparel. The combo of the two with a cute embellished belt is fit for a Cleopatra look. My costume isn’t complete without the classic bright blue eye shadow and wing tip eyeliner. And for dramatics, I add a lipcolor in Ruffian Gold from MAC Cosmetics.

Street Swag

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