Ultimate Guide To The Hottest Sunglasses For 2018

I don’t know anyone who only owns one pair of sunglasses. Most of us have a drawer full of styles to choose from depending on our mood, our makeup, our hair or our outfit. We rounded up the ultimate guide to the hottest sunglasses for 2018 to make your search for your next style so much easier. Plus, we’re sharing tips for the best frames for your face shape. And shopping for sunglasses wouldn’t be complete without sharing some of our favorite celebrity Instagram photos of the sunglass trends they’re wearing.

Ultimate Guide To The Hottest Sunglasses For 2018

Top 5 Trends in Sunglasses 

Hottest Sunglasses For 2018

Hottest Sunglasses For 2018

AVIATORS – The tried-and-true aviator silhouette is making a comeback as the hottest sunglasses to own with everything from classic looks to more modernized styles trending this summer!

Hottest Sunglasses For 2018

Hottest Sunglasses For 2018

COLOR – Whether it be colored lenses or colored frames, color is the best way to add extra oomph to your summer wardrobe. From pastel blues to mint greens, to cherry reds, anything goes when it comes to color.

ATHLEISURE – Let’s face it; we’re all on the go dashing from workouts to the office to social shindigs, and we need sunglasses that will seamlessly fit into all activities. That’s why these sunnies are the hottest sunglasses offering the utmost comfort and performance with fashionable designs that are perfect choices for those with active lifestyles!

Hottest Sunglasses For 2018

LUXURY – Glitz and glam are always in season! The streamlined cat-eye silhouette is currently all the rage, not to mention metallic accents, bejeweled embellishments and crystal finishes.

Hottest Sunglasses For 2018

RETRO – Sunwear styles reminiscent of yesteryear are here to stay! Perfect rounds and geek chic squares with cool brow bars and in a neutral palette are great go-tos.

My Top Picks for the Hottest Sunglasses For 2018 

Hottest Sunglasses For 2018

Kate Spade Blue Sunglasses

Hottest Sunglasses For 2018

Fendi Cat Eye Sunglasses


Hottest Sunglasses For 2018

Pared Retro Sunglasses

Hottest Sunglasses For 2018

Quay Aviator Sunglasses

Hottest Sunglasses For 2018

Chloe Round Sunglasses

Hottest Sunglasses For 2018

Ted Baker Sunglasses




Hottest Sunglasses For 2018

Rag & Bone Aviator SunglassesHottest Sunglasses For 2018

Victoria Beckham Sunglasses

Hottest Sunglasses of 2018

Toms Blue Sunglasses

Don’t Forget!

PROTECTION – Be on the lookout for sunglasses with lenses that have a sticker or label indicating UVA/UVB protection.

COMFORT AND FIT – The more comfortable they are to wear and the better they fit your face, the more likely you are to wear them. The golden rules of face-fitting are:

  • Opposites attract – The shape of the frames should contrast with the shape of your face
  • Proportion is key – If you have a smaller-sized face, opt for sunglasses that aren’t too oversized so they don’t swallow your petite face. Whereas, if you have a larger-sized face, opt for sunglasses that are also a bit large, since smaller sunglasses will appear dwarfed on your larger face.

    UV eye damage is cumulative and irreversible! Wear sunglasses anytime you’re outdoors during daylight hours regardless of the season or weather.

Best Frames for Your Face Shape:

Heart-Shaped Face:

Choose slightly rounded frames that dip between your eyes to break up a wider forehead.

Avoid overly embellished frames and top-heavy styles that draw attention upward.

Frame Suggestions: Aviators, butterfly styles and rimless


Choose deep frames to minimize facial length and wide oversized frames to bring proportion.

Avoid short frames without depth that will accentuate your face length.

Frame suggestions: oversize styles and wraparounds


Choose slightly angular frames that will create a narrowing effect.

Avoid round frames or lenses that will exaggerate your facial shape.

Frame suggestions: rectangles, squares, and sporty or squared-off retro styles


Choose a size that’s proportionate to your face.

Avoid oversized styles that will swallow a petite oval shape or too-small styles on a larger face.

Frame suggestions: anything goes that’s in proportion!


Choose round, oval or curved frames to soften your face or jaw.

Avoid boxy and angular frames as the sharp lines will be too harsh.

Frame suggestions: rounded or oval Jackie O styles, cat-eye and semi-rimless frames with soft curves

Hottest Sunglasses For 2018

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