Kids Birthday Party Ideas on The Balancing Act

If your birthday is any day except February 29, you share your day with over 19 million people around the world! Celebrations are fun, but planning a party can be stressful. I’ve got kids birthday party ideas to help avoid the stress and keep kids happy. With all those birthday boys and girls, you want to make sure your little one feels like they’re one in a million on their special day. I shared many of these kids birthday party ideas on The Balancing Act on Lifetime TV.

Here’s my expert party tips for creating customized birthday bliss:

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Personalized Party Decor

minted party decor

minted party ideas

Stylish party decorations from range from party invitations to centerpieces, customized banners, party signs, crowns and cupcake toppers to stickers and table runners. You can choose your own items à la carte or choose from unique to perfect to ultimate party packs. Go a step further and create a photo backdrop for a photo booth background.

Kids Birthday Party Activities

Sure, a bouncy house at a party always works, so does sending kids home with a goodie bag filled with candy, but consider keeping kids engaged in a creative activity during the festivities. These Pixie Doodles Dolls and DIY craft boxes are the activity and become the party favor as well. Or give the birthday girl or boy one of these as a gift.

Madame Alexander Crayola Pixie Doodles Dolls

Madame Alexander pixie dolls

Madame Alexander dolls partnered with Crayola™ to create this fun and creative activity with 9″ dolls. You can color the Pixie Doodles dolls dresses and decorate the fairy wings with stick-on rhinestones and stickers that come along with the dolls. And you can pick up additional doodle-able, color-able dresses and decorate-able fairy wings when you want to change your doll.

Kiwi Crate DIY Boxes

kiwi crate
kiwi crate super hero

I’ve been a big fan of Kiwi Crate for many years. You can buy one box, a monthly subscription or go month-to-month. It’s hands-on fun that encourages creativity and curiosity in children. Each creative project arrives with all the ingredients in the box from making super hero capes and butterfly wings to building a space mobile. The boxes range from 3 to 16 years old and span categories from science to art to technology.

Kids Birthday Party Games and Activities

Get noisy and silly. Save your bubble wrap and get ready for a noisy activity with plenty of kids squealing as they jump or squeeze the bubbles to pop them. After a noisy five minutes send them outside to run around after bubbles with a battery-operated machine like the Gazillion Bubble Machine Monsoon for $22 from Toys R’ Us. It will save you from dipping and blowing a wand and keep the kids occupied. And, maybe wear them out with all the running and burn off some energy after eating birthday cake.

Get messy. Become the coolest mom on the block by allowing kids to get dirty, sticky or messy. Make it a birthday devoted to spills and splatter. Remember Silly String? Well, get some. Ask guests to wear old clothes. Then set up plastic or canvas tarps on your yard or driveway. Next step is to put out white kraft paper and set out washable paint (yes, washable so you don’t freak out).  You choose what happens first – the kids can act like Jackson Pollock and splatter paint or use their hands to create their own mini masterpieces or have a Silly String playful battle.  When all is done set up a water balloon toss and then when they have worn themselves out, hose them down, change their clothes and move on to cupcake decorating. They and you have earned it.

If  having kids run around your yard isn’t your thing, then pick up cheap t-shirts and baseball caps and let them decorate with fabric paint, glitter and rhinestones.

Super sleuths. Not sure DIY is your jam? Instead of getting crafty think smart and host a scavenger hunt at your house, your neighborhood or at a park. This works well in a local park when your own home isn’t big enough to fit all the elements. Set up teams of two to three kids and pair an adult with each team. Create a list a clues, hand kids paper lunch bags to hold the found items and the first team to return with all the items wins. What they win is up to you.

Kids Birthday Party

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