Mogul Founder Tiffany Pham on Alternatives Styles Podcast

Global mogul founder Tiffany Pham is a millennial on the move. This young phenom has ticked off a long list of skills and shares the how she got to the top on epsiode #22 of Alternative Styles podcast. 

Mogul Founder Tiffany PhamMogul Founder Tiffany Pham on Alternatives Styles Podcast

CEO and founder of Mogul, the award-winning platform for women worldwide, and author of You Are A Mogul, Tiffany Pham joins us today to detail her success as a millennial.  Seeing as how her platform reaches 18 million women per week from over 196 countries, she is certainly the woman for the job. Inspired by her grandmother as a 14-year-old, Tiffany dedicated herself to learn every facet of the media industry, from business development and strategy to branding to content creation to distribution and beyond. Take notes… you’re about to hear from a global mogul.    

Plus: A good news story centered on the newest way to stay young; just add Drag Queens. And Alison shares a fishy new trend in fashion, fish skin “leather”.

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