NFL Homegating Football Party

Football season is upon us and sitting in an uncomfortable stadium seat is not my kind of fun. I’d rather party in the comfort of my own home with a big couch to lounge on, football inspired decor, delicious and healthy food and a guaranteed clean bathroom (right?!). Here’s my way to host the ultimate NFL Homegating football party in your own home.

Wearing my favorite NFL team shirt is not enough when guests are coming over and expect more from me as a style expert.

Decor and Setting the Table

Homegating Party Ideas with Style Expert Alison Deyette

homegating table decor

cricut football templates

cricut explore air football DIY


cricut gold explore air

I made all this décor by using the new Cricut Explore Air Gold Edition which is available at HSN. It cuts over 60 kinds of materials from thin paper to leather and can make precise, intricate cuts that you just can’t do on your own with a pair of scissors.

And don’t forget to look the part and put on your favorite team gear or go to NFL Shop.

Topit Football field tablecloth

No ordinary tablecloth will do when we’re talking about touchdowns. This football field is the best way to set a table from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

inflatable football field

big mouth football stadium inflatable salad barBig Mouth Inc-Football-Drink-Cooler

These football field and football inflatables are the best way to keep drinks and food cold and definitely score on the theme. Both are from Big Mouth Inc and can be found at, Walmart and Target.

Final Touch Beer tasting

Beer is the drink of choice for our football viewing friends so while my husband offers Moscow Mules with ginger beer in copper mugs for those of us who prefer a cocktail, I pour our beer loving friends an assortment of ales, craft brews and IPA’s. Beer tasting set from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Big Mouth-Football-Beer-Glass

Big Mouth football drink cooler

For an extra assortment of football themed props to really hit home that you like football, there’s mugs and drink coolers from Big Mouth Inc.

Now For the Food

The standard fare expected when you throw a football party is usually heavy, salty and unhealthy, BUT I’ve found my favorites and likely they’re yours too, in ways that are delicious and healthier. I rallied for better food that tastes awesome.

daiya foods vegetable pizza

Pizza, of course! Usually we’d call for delivery, but I found these dairy, gluten and soy free pizzas from Daiya Foods and they’re ready in 15 minutes. Faster than delivery and healthier and delicious.

Hampton Creek Just Mayo

Chips and Dips seem de rigueur for any party. Usually you add mayo to most dips, but I used Just Mayo (available at Costco, Whole Foods and Walmart), which is better for you and the planet, and it has less sodium and less cholesterol than other choices. And my life got even easier with their three flavors beyond the original – Sriracha, Chipotle, and Garlic so I don’t even have to mix in anything additional. But if you like french onion dip like me try this recipe:

French Onion Dip recipe

Rojo Salsa

And salsa. I’ve skipped making it from scratch when I found Rojo’s Salsa in the refrigerated aisle in the supermarket since it’s is made with non-GMO ingredients and free of gluten, fat and cholesterol.


As for chips, a friend turned me onto these better-for-you Beanitos chips. They’re made with a proprietary blend of beans, sea salt and natural seasoning with no artificial flavors or colors and they’re gluten-free. I don’t need to avoid gluten, but I have two friends who are usually in attendance at our parties who must avoid it so why not just choose the good stuff for all of us.

And Don’t Forget Dessert

daiya foods chocolate cheescake

Ok, so I’ve definitely got the football and healthy food theme down pat for this Homegating party. So why not end big by satisfying that sweet tooth craving with Daiya Foods rich and creamy cheezecake (not a typo – that’s how they describe it since it’s dairy free) and made with a gluten-free crust. They have New York, chocolate, strawberry and key lime.

I’m officially full.

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