One Man’s Style – Menswear Makeover

 On TV and in magazines I’ve done plenty of  head-to-toe menswear makeovers and just like women, the transformations bring about a boost of confidence. These men stand taller and their voices become stronger. While men’s wardrobes aren’t as trendy as women nor do they have the range of choices. I enjoy adding some color and pattern and teach guys about getting the right fit for their bodies. More men now reach out to me behind the scenes to be their stylist and here’s a recent upgrade I gave to one man’s style. For this menswear makeover, I added plenty of color, mixed gingham shirts with patterned ties and broke up the traditional suit by showing him how to wear the items as separates. AND, I got him a great pair of dark jeans which every man should have in his wardrobe.

One Mans’s Style – Menswear Makeover

menswear makeover

Theory Blazer

Bonobos Gingham Shirt

Mott & Bow Dark Jeans

Nicole Miller Tie

orange gingham mens shirt

Calvin Klein Blazer

Bonobos Gingham shirt

Tommy Hilfiger Tie

Bonobos Pants

Uniqlo Navy Braided Belt

pink gingham shirt     spring men's look

Left Shoe Company Custom Shoes (on left)

charcoal suit

Hugo Boss Suit

Bonobos Shirt

Brioni Tie

menswear makeover

menswear cardigan

Uniqlo Shirt

Uniqlo Cardigan

G.H. Bass Shoes

Bonobos Pants

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