Prom Fashions for Girls & Guys

“Those were the days,” some say. I attended two proms, one as a junior and one as a senior. First with a friend and the second time with a boyfriend; a college boyfriend–oooh wasn’t I cool? Both times I foolishly wore strapless when I barely had anything to hold the dress up. This was before I found good strapless bras and before I actually grew a pair–me the late starter. Both years I chose two tone dresses from a pink and white “candy striper” like confection to a black and white gown (remember Jessica McClintock?) and both years my hair had too much hairspray and a little too much Sun-In creating a strawberry blonde effect. Not the choices I’d make today. Setting aside other choices like white knee socks with brown sandals in 5th grade or my Thomas Sweets t-shirt with red suspenders I look back on my style as a kid and teenager and find that I may have made some quirky choices, but I was sassy and didn’t care. Plus, my style choices lead to a career as a stylist directing fashion shoots all over the world. Pretty good, right? So whether you want a flowing “princessy” ball gown or something vintage dress or a cute cocktail dress – just enjoy the party! And if you choose strapless be sure it will stay up when you “swing your hands in the air like you just don’t care” because now there are phones that catch nip slips.

Vintage prom dress

This is happy!

Prom fashions

Lots to choose from for prom attire these days.

Prom Fashion     David's Bridal Prom Dress

On Connor: Black Slim Fit Notch Lapel Tuxedo by Combatant Gentleman, $200

On Katie: 50’s Style Black And Teal Tulle Tea Length Party Dress, $130 Blue Velvet Vintage

Black Heels and Clutch, Nina Shoes

On Landen: BLACK by Vera Wang Slim Fit Grey Tuxedo, $799.99 Men’s Wearhouse

On Shelby: WHITE by Vera Wang Polka Dot Strapless Ruffle Dress, $198 David’s Bridal

Men’s shoes by Massimo Matteo,

Blue Tuxedo

vintage prom dress

On Wyatt: Navy Slim Fit Shawl Collar Tuxedo by Combatant Gentleman, $200

Step Up Teens : Melissa & Christina

On Melissa: Coronado Princess Dress in Papaya Color by Byer California, $68

On Christina: 20’s Reproduction Silver Beaded Black Fringed “Jazz Baby” Flapper Dress, $210 Blue Velvet Vintage

On Austin: Charcoal Slim Fit Notch Lapel Tuxedo by Combatant Gentleman, $200

Tuxes for Prom

Men’s tuxes from Combatant Gentlemen and shoes by Massimo Matteo from

accessories for prom     nina shoes clutch

Clutches, jewelry and heels for the ladies from

braid hairstyle     prom hair style

Hair accessories from Soho Style

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