Right Color For Every Occasion

Don’t know what to wear for a date, an interview or just a boring Monday? Follow my style tips to pick the right fashion color for every occasion.

Right Fashion Color For Every Occasion

From my latest fashion contributor piece in Closer Weekly.

Right Color For Every Occasion

Red Hot For Date Night

right fashion color for every occasion

Looking to impress a date or simply get a guy’s attention? Pick a bold red dress like Kyra Sedgwick’s. Red is intense, attention-getting, fiery and passionate. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Best Color For A Job Interview

susan sarandon blue suit

Want to let someone know that you are dependable without saying a word? Wear blue like Susan Sarandon who favors blue suits. This calming color is associated with the sea and sky, so it’ll put a potential employer at ease and send the message that you’re cool under pressure. It’s exactly the message you should communicate to land the job.

What to Wear For Public Speaking

sigrouney weaver green dress

Looking to command the room? Go for dark, rich jewel tones like emerald, amethyst or garnet, which convey seriousness and credibility. These deeper tones are also universally flattering which is great when all eyes are on you like Sigourney Weaver, and since they’re livelier than basic black, these hues create a sense of enthusiasm around the topics you’re addressing.

Wear Black To Show Who’s The Boss

judith light black dress

Black is the color of choice when you’re looking for R-E-S-P-E-C-T! This no-nonsense neutral always looks classic and polished and Judith Light is perfect example of wearing it well. Black also conveys that you’re confident and smart. You know you don’t need bells or whistles to get your point across!

What to Wear When You Ask For a Raise

reese witherspoon tory burch shirt

Need to grab attention without looking too aggressive? Then inject hints of red into your look. Red details like Reese Witherspoon’s top by Tory Burch paired with more serious black or navy, make you stand our and look strong when askingfor that big paycheck bump.

Style Expert Alison Deyette is a TV host, Los Angeles stylist and magazine contributor, known best for her dynamic personality and her sharp sense of style. She’s dressed hundreds of clients – from the red carpet to regular folks – bringing a perspective that focuses on each individual and their unique goals, helping find the optimum look for any occasion, body type or budget.
Known as “The Fixer,” she can help you solve your fashion conundrums, take the reins of a home decorating transformation, or hand you the hottest trend without breaking a sweat… or a nail.

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