Top 5 Sandbell Exercise Moves

It’s all about sandbells for this month’s workout. Those round bags of sand can help you break a sweat. We’re showing our top 5 sandbell exercises  to challenge your stabilizer muscles.

Top 5 SandBell Exercises


Top 5 Sandbell ExercisesWe did the sandbell workout on the surfboard at Sandbox Fitness, but you can do the moves in your own home on the floor whether it’s wood, carpeting or a rug.

To to work all the stabilizer muscles try each move for 30 seconds and repeat three times.  

1. Lunge to Deadlift: Starting in a lunge position, lower down your back knee then stand up shifting your weight onto your front leg as you kick your back leg up, repeat on other side.  This move will challenge your core strength and stability and really tone your legs and glutes. 

2. Figure 8 Squat Toss: Stay in a deep squat and try and pass the weight through your legs tracing a figure 8. This move will burn your quads and inner thighs.

3. Single-Arm Standing Reverse Flys: Stand up holding two sandbells in front of you at shoulder height. Without letting your arms drop, open your right arm out to the side three times keeping your left arm as still as possible. Then repeat on other side. This move works your shoulders and back. 

4. Weighted Table Setters: Lie on your back with your legs in table top position. Start with one sandbell on your shins and the other in your hand, lie down and as you crunch up place the sandbell in your hands on to your shins and grab the other sandbell. Keep crunching up and switching the sandbell placement. This move works your core. 

5. Flying Supermans: Lie on your belly with your arms straight out in front of you. Lift your chest and legs off the ground and pass the weight around your back in the same direction three times, then switch directions. This works your lower back, shoulders, and glutes. 

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la-style-expert-alison-deyetteMinna & Alison

Style Expert Alison Deyette is TV + Digital Host and Los Angeles stylist who happens to be a fitness enthusiast as well. She and Minna Herskowitz create short fitness videos for specialty moves each month from Sandbox Fitness.

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