Sleep Better Tips

I returned home from vacation to longer days of light. YAY to daylight savings time! More activities to squeeze into my day. So I’ve got sleep better tips to stay energized during those extra hours of light for an evening game of tennis or cocktails with friends. Here’s my sleep better tips for your body and your bed.

Sleep Better Tips

sleep essentials

Sleep Splurge

SPLURGE on a set of silk pillowcases. Everything you’ve read about silk pillowcases is true – they reduce wrinkles and breakouts, prevent damage to your hair, and feel absolutely luxurious! Silk is hydrating, which means it won’t draw moisture from your skin as you sleep (hello, wrinkle prevention!) Silk is also hypo-allergenic, won’t irritate your skin and cause breakouts – unlike cloth pillowcases which trap bacteria and grime.
silk pillowcases

Silk Pillowcases by

Stylish Sleep

SWAP your oversized sweats and ratty t-shirt for a chic PJ set. The act of ‘dressing for bed’ mentally prepares you to relax and wind down – choose a breathable, non-restrictive material for maximum comfort.

commando camisole

Commando ‘Butter’ Lace & Stretch Modal Camisole and Shorts Set, Nordstrom

short pajamas set

Splendid Classic Short Pajamas Set, Nordstrom

Sleep In Darkness

Sleep in the dark. There are those who like the idea of waking up with the sun, but not me. I like it dark and I like it quiet.  Fewer sleep introductions lead to a better night’s sleep. I share a bed with my husband and two small dogs so I’ve got to find sleep solace where I can. I had my curtains lined with black out drapes to create the illusion of a fall out shelter in my bedroom; you may not have that opportunity so a soft sleep mask can help out once in a while in bed (or on a plane). And ear plugs help too.

Spritz Your Pillow

Finally, SPRITZ your pillow with an aromatherapy blend of chamomile, vetiver, and lavender. This is what I call the ‘magic blend,’ the smell is divine and sends an internal signal to your body that it’s time for sleep!

deep sleep pillow spray

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, $55 Amazon

Wake Up Prettier

WAKE UP PRETTIER with a fresh and natural glow by applying an anti-aging night cream that contains hyaluronic acid before bed, which attracts water into the skin and helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. It’s best to apply rich creams and serums before bed, as these products work better during the repair cycle of the skin, which is at night. And in the morning before I start a hectic day, I reach for some Monk Oil which the creators say is their “magical sheath” for navigating the day and induces calm, inner stability and  a little harmony with the outer world.  So I’m going for it.

monk oil

Monk Oil, $54 Reform School Rules

Prevent Bedhead

PREVENT BEDHEAD and avoid dealing with wet hair in the morning by spraying dry shampoo into your roots before you go to bed. Instead of waking up to oily, flat hair, you’ll have dry textured locks that are totally ready for whatever styling you want to do.

dry shampoo

Alterna Cleanse Extend Dry Shampoo, $22 Sephora

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