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My styling studio was recently featured on HGTV and I wanted to share an excerpt. Check out the transformation and see where some of my clients come to visit for help with their wardrobes.

Alison's styling studio

Alison Deyette knows a thing or two about fashion. She’s worked internationally, wearing many hats in the editorial world as a writer, producer, fashion director, on-air expert and wardrobe stylist. “Although I’ve assumed many roles in this industry, it all essentially comes down to one thing: the styling of clothes,” she says.

When Alison found her dream home, a 3,300-square-foot, midcentury-modern house built in 1960 and located in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood of Los Angeles, she looked forward to decorating all of its rooms — except for the bottom-floor storage area.

For her work as a wardrobe stylist and lifestyle expert, Alison wanted the 8’ x14’ room to serve as a dressing room, closet and studio space. In addition, she pictured the space as extra sleeping quarters for guests. Due to the room’s long, narrow shape, however, she found herself constantly hitting creative roadblocks when it came to spatial planning.

After nearly six months living in the house, she consulted with a designer friend. He suggested taking advantage of the room’s length by placing a twin mattress sideways, rather than using a queen bed. This freed up enough space for clothing racks and a built-in accessories display. Alison says, “I hadn’t thought about breaking up the narrow space, simply because I figured it would instantly shrink the space even more. But just like a supermodel strutting down the runway, the space just really needed someone to work it.”


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