Stylish College Dorm Room Essentials

Some of my besties are the girls I met in college and when I’m back in NYC I sack out on their couches (thank you Haley and Marne) because that’s what we girls do for eachother – offer some space. College for me was freeing! I was on my own and while I had the responsibilities of classes, work and extra activities I embraced all of it. Sure there were boyfriends, my first love, access to bars with my fake ID, and plenty of Ramen noodles and the DRAMA of a dorm or apartment full of people your own age all away from home, but there were also some cool teachers, some quirky and talented roommates (Amy, you were my favorite) and the chance to, as corny as it sounds, “spread my wings” and enjoy. If I ever time traveled, I’d put my style expert talents to work and add these stylish college dorm room essentials to my space.


Sleep Well

kate spade bedding
kate spade stripe bedding


By the time a college student reaches senior year they may have become smart enough to schedule no class earlier than noon. Having a comfortable bed certainly makes it worth figuring it out.

Kate Spade Bedding and Accessories from Bed, Bath and Beyond


Hit The Books

hairpin desk world market
pagoda dining chair

When it’s time to actually start studying and typing your first paper then you’ll need a place to get down to business. The desk is sleek and inexpensive and the chair is colorful enough to keep you awake. Black Hairpin Desk, $100 World Market and Pagoda Blue Evie Chair, $140 World Market


Carry All and Carry On

s'well water bottle joyus
sondra roberts backpack joyus


Everyone totes a water bottle these days so why not make it a stylish one that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. You know a college student will be drinking plenty of coffee with late night studying and probably should be drinking more water so give them a bottle that’s attractive while they drink. You can buy this bottle by S’well for $35 at It’s my new fave. I own two from the LOVE collection (it also comes in a solid shimmering mint color) and it’s probably a smart idea for a college student to have two too. One for the dorm room and one to tote in her backpack, which by the way is now considered a huge trend.  A backpack is NOW the new trend?! When did it ever go out of trend? For college students and just about any student it’s always been a must have. Perhaps we “adults” going to jobs have realized yet again how handy they are to carry work out clothes, sneakers, iPads, cameras, well, just about anything. Oh yeah, and this one is the perfect combo of slouchy and stylish to practical and versatile. And it’s in black so why wouldn’t you get it? Sondra Roberts Nappa Backpack is $88 and is exclusively available at because they get some cool exclusives.


colorful coffee mugs


Let’s just face facts, many of us drink coffee. I started years after college thanks to European travel and a farmer in Costa Rica who grew his own beans. For students or someone looking for a stylish look to their morning brew there are these colorful options. Keurig 2.0 K25 Coffee Brewer, $119 at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Geometric Holland Park Porcelain Mugs, set of 2 $14 at World Market


Snack Attack

kind snacks

erin condren acrylic box

It always helps to have snacks. I’m partial to KIND snacks and particularly the Almond & Coconut and the Dark Chocolate and Sea Sealt bars. Keep one in your backapck and keep a stash on your desk and don’t get mad when your roommate helps herself, in fact you should offer her a bar once in a while. Think of it as early preparation to being a good host. Erin Condren creates acrylic boxes plus just about all your stylish needs for taking notes and keeping organized.

ramen noodles world market

ramen bowls

Add hot water. Stir. Eat. It’s easier than Psych 101 and faster than walking to the commissary. I’m surprised Ramen noodles don’t get their own chapter in a college handbook. Now you can elevate the look of your cheap meal with a stylish bowl and chopstick set for $12 from World Market and pick up plenty of packs of Ramen for $4-6 from World Market too. I get lost in the food aisles of World Market with their retro mix of candy and European snacks and chocolate.


Get The Tech


Whether you’re listening to music while studying at the library or watching Netflix in your dorm room, quality headphones are a college staple. And sometimes you just don’t want to hear your roommate chat with her boyfriend and say that inevitable line at one point, “No, you hang up” and then he says it and then she says it back, etc. etc. etc. Bluetooth and Wireless headphones from Urban Ears, $99

Of course, all your devices need time to juice up. So get a multifunctional piece that gives you some light. Functional Tablet Organizer Desk Lamp, $20 from Bed, Bath and Beyond

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