Stylish Summer Hairstyles To Beat The Heat

We love long hair, but we loathe the sweaty mess of summer. Heat and humidity can mean messy dos so we’ve come up with our seven favorite stylish summer hairstyles to beat the heat. From braids to updos these hairstyles are easy to replicate. 

Stylish Summer Hairstyles To Beat The Heat

summer hairstyles

Two Braids and a Bun:

Separate one thin section of hair from both top sides of your head.

Braid both sections individually.

Tie both braids in the back of the head towards the middle.

After, grab the rest of the hair including the braids and tie it into a ponytail.

Braid the ponytail.

Wrap the braid around the ponytail creating a bun and pin the end.

summer hairstyles

Two Twists and Two Buns:

Part your hair in half from top to bottom.

On each side, grab the hair from the top and twist your hair towards inwards towards the bottom.

Keep twisting the hair to the tip and then wrap it to a bun.

You can use bobby pins along the way if needed to keep the twist from the top of the head.

summer hairstyles

Three Twisted Braids:

Bring all your hair towards the back.

Separate the bottom of your hair into three ponytails.

Braid each ponytail and loosen the braids.

Pin the braids up into buns.

summer hairstyles

Flip Twist Ponytail:

Separate a section of hair from both top sides of your head.

Twist both sections inwards and tie them at the center of the back of your head.

Stylish Summer Hairstyles with a Scarf

For an added pop of color and flourish to your look we asked my friend and celebrity hairstylist Tina Dizon, owner of The Private Room Beverly Hills (@theprivateroombh on Instagram) to share some summer hairstyles with the addition of a colorful scarf.

Here’s her summer hairstyles to combine with a colorful scarf.

Hair Bun with Colored Scarf:

Bring your hair up to a ponytail.

Tie a scarf (average size) around the ponytail.

Wrap the hair around the pony tail without covering the scarf.

Once all hair is wrapped, tie the ends of the scarf around the bun.

summer hairstyles

Half Up/Half Down with Scarf:

First, pull the top half of your hair into a ponytail. Next, loosen the ponytail. 

Using a long scarf, place the middle of the scarf at the top base of your neck. 

Bring the ends toward the top of your head and make a knot. Make sure the ends are even. 

After the knot, bring the ends down and start to braid with the scarf as if it was part of your hair.

Tie the rest of the scarf at the end of the braid, and loosen that braid.

summer hairstyles

French Braid with Scarf:

Start the braid.

Decide where you want to start the scarf. 

Bobby pin the scarf where you decide you want it to start and braid it in as if it was part of your hair. 

Tie the ends of the scarf at the end of the braid.



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