Stylish Ways To Roll Your Sleeves

As a stylist, I’m always sharing styling tips and try to make them super easy. Here are super easy, stylish ways to roll your shirt sleeves for women and men. Whether it’s adding style to your outfit or looking for a way to keep your sleeves or jacket rolled up, I’ve got you covered.

Stylish Ways To Roll Your Shirt Sleeves 

Stylish Ways to Roll Your Shirt Sleeves

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Stylish Ways To Roll Your Shirt Sleeves 

Two Stylist Tips For Rolling Your Shirt Sleeves

Wing It

First – Fold your shirt sleeve once over your upper arm.

Second – Then fold once more with the remaining fabric under the cuff of the shirt.

Third – Tuck the interior part of the cuff into the folded fabric.

And voilà, you’ve got an outer “wing” with the cuff of your shirt.

Scrunch It

This styling tip works best for shirts that are made of flimsy fabrics and always roll back down. This tip is also my go-to styling hack when I want to push up the sleeves of a jacket and the material is too thick. So it works for both thin and thick fabrics.

First – You’ll need a rubber band or hair band. It will depend on how tight you want it around your arm and how much fabric you’re holding up.

Second – With your shirt sleeve down put the band around the middle of your forearm. 

Third – Start scrunching up the fabric above your elbow. Then cover the band with fabric or roll or cuff the shirt over the band.

And voilà, you’ve got the scrunch it method mastered.

It’s Super Easy!!


Style Expert Alison Deyette is a TV + digital host and Los Angeles stylist who was recently named one of the top stylists in Los Angeles by VarietyWWDAngeleno, and Modern Luxury magazines. Known as “The Fixer,” she can help you solve your fashion conundrums, take the reins of a home decorating transformation, or hand you the hottest trend without breaking a sweat. When teamed up with her bestie Jesse Brune, they share fun tips from fashion to food to DIY and decor on their Super Easy YouTube channel.

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