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Artists Arielle Estoria & Fawn Arthur Share Their Creativity

alternative styles art issue

For our 30th episode, we bring you a special Art Issue of Alternative Styles podcast featuring spoken word poet Arielle Estoria and visual artist Fawn Arthur!  Arielle Estoria joins us for a live performance bringing us “words not for the ears but for the soul”.  Her words pull at our emotions. She tells us it’s her goal for […]

15 T-Shirts Every Cool Feminist Should Own

girl power top

There’s a message on many of my t-shirts lately and I’m hoping you’ll take notice. I’ve picked 15 t-shirts every cool feminist should own to show off her values from pay equality to reproductive rights to women’s empowerment and right to quality education. Let your wardrobe speak your truth! 15 T-Shirts Every Cool Feminist Women […]