“The Big Short” Movie With Ryan Gosling

I covered the red carpet for the closing night of AFI Fest 2015 with the world premiere of “The Big Short” movie starring Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, Brad Pitt and Steve Carell. It was an exciting night on the red carpet getting to interview so many of the stars of the film just outside the famous Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Each star had a different story to tell from behind-the-scenes improv moments to the difficult financial jargon they had to learn to Ryan Gosling’s hair and makeup. Here’s a snippet from the big event.

My movie review? Go see it! I wouldn’t put in on the Oscar contender list for best movie, but Steve Carell should get a nom and so should the screenplay.  It takes serious subject matter and finds ways to teach you banking terms from Margot Robbie while she sips champagne in a bath tub to Selena Gomez at a Black Jack table in relatable ways so you can understand it. For a story that focuses on the debacle of the housing market crash, the director Adam McKay doesn’t stray too far from his comedic roots when showing the lunacy that ensued and delivers some laughs.

The Big Short

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling and Alison Deyette at The Big Short movie

 It was Ryan Gosling’s birthday the night we met.  So while the photo shows Ryan and I very focused in our conversation — talking about a financial crisis will do that; what you didn’t get to see is our smiles and hear our laughs about his birthday plans.  I joked that the premiere was merely a ruse to surprise him with a big birthday party and Steve Carell was going to jump out of a cake. Ryan did add that what pulled him into the film was Adam McKay being incredibly educated about the serious subject matter, but that he didn’t lose his sense of humor which made for an interesting tone to the film.

Steve Carell

Steve Carell and Alison Deyette at The Big Short movie

Scene from The Big Short with Ryan Gosling & Steve Carell

I asked Steve Carell for one of his favorite behind the scenes moments during filming “The Big Short.” He said, “The first time I saw Ryan in his hair and makeup that was a pivotal moment for me and I told him I never want to see him like that again.” This is Steve and Ryan’s second movie together. Last time Steve played wingman and protégé to Ryan Gosling’s “player” character in “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”

Max Greenfield

Max Greenfield at The Big Short movie

While Max Greenfield is known for his comedic talents on “The New Girl;” this movie was a big departure for him. He had always wanted to work with Adam McKay, who’s best known for directing many of Will Ferrell’s movies.  Max said he had to beg Adam to be in the movie. He said in his first meeting, he said,”Please, please, please, please, please…” I asked Max if he felt confident in his financial prowess with terms like “subprime mortgage bonds” and “asset-backed securities.” He said he memorized the lines and as soon as he completed filming the movie those terms vanished from his memory. I told him if he could conquer those terms he could have a chance at neurosurgeon or astronaut for his next role.

Finn Wittrock

Finn Wittrock and Alison Deyette at The Big Short movie

You probably recognize Finn Wittrock from the American Horror Story series where he’s played a rich, selfish, dapper murderer to his present role as a vampire, but in the “The Big Short” he plays a character from a small potatoes investment team who helps loop in a former banker-gone-New-Age played by Brad Pitt.

Byron Mann

Byron Mann and TV Host Alison Deyette

Byron Mann said he learned about the film being brought to the big screen from his brother who’s a banker in Singapore and is quoted in Michael Lewis’ book so it was a complete coincidence to him that a year later he was cast in the movie.

Alison Deyette is a TV Host, Editor and Style Expert who has interviewed many stars on the red carpet and for magazines. Her former national magazine column, “60 Second Interview” featured a different celebrity interview each month. Want to watch more interviews? Check out Alison’s YouTube channel.

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