Waves of Laughter Campaign for Step Up

Lea Michele & Style Expert Alison Deyette

Lea Michele and I have shared our laugh print.

Waves Of Laughter Campaign For Step Up

The SunChips’ Waves of Laughter campaign is about harnessing the power of laughter to celebrate the uniqueness of women, and encourage them to laugh out proud. That’s why, SunChips created the Laughalizer, a digital tool that uses laughter to assess what your laugh says about you and gives you a distinct laugh-print.  When you share your laugh-print on Facebook and Twitter, SunChips will donate $1 to Step Up, to help empower the next generation of professional women. Step Up mentors teen girls from under-resourced communities to become confident, college-bound and career-focused. SunChips’ goal is to share 100,000 laughs to support Step Up – so laugh it forward and help create waves of change! AND you can share your laugh print multiple times, so your laugh can help us reach the $100,000 goal. Go to

Waves of laughter campaign for step upI shared my entertaining tips and recipes on Access Hollywood Live. Watch the segment for more party ideas.

Host A Girl’s Night In

Offer snacks, drinks and share your laughter.

sun chips BLT

Sun Chips Harvest Cheddar BLT w/ Pepsi Candied Bacon 

1 Bag of Harvest cheddar chips

8 slices of Pepsi Candied Bacon

8 slices of roma tomato

1 cup arugula leaves

-Arrange Sun Chips on a plate

-Top each chip with arugula leaves

-Then top with tomato, lightly seasoned with salt and pepper

-Cut the bacon into small pieces and place on two halves of each little sandwich

sun chips s'mores

Sun Chips Peanut Butter –Raspberry S’mores

1 bag original Sun Chips

½ cup Peanut Butter

½ cup Torani Dark Chocolate Sauce

½ cup of marshmallow fluff

½ pint of fresh raspberries

-Spread peanut butter on about 12 chips

-Drizzle dark chocolate sauce over peanut butter

-Place a dollop of marshmallow fluff on each one and then toast to a golden brown using a crème brûlée torch.

-Place a raspberry in the center

sun chips and cheese

Sun Chips w/ Goat Cheese, Hazelnuts & Honey

1 bag of Original Sun chips

½ cup of fresh goat cheese

2 tablespoons of honey

¼ cup of toasted, chopped hazelnuts

-Simply spread a little cheese, on the chip, drizzle some honey and top w/ hazelnuts

lea michele and alison deyette

Lea Michele and Alison Deyette on the red carpet for the Step Up Inspiration Awards.

Alison Deyette is a TV host, fashion and lifestyle expert and Los Angeles-based stylist known best for
her dynamic personality and her sharp sense of style. She has worked extensively for national news and entertainment programs, magazines and online media outlets.
Known as “The Fixer,” she can help you solve your fashion conundrums, take the reins of
a home decorating transformation, kick off a party in style or hand you the hottest trend without breaking a sweat.

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