What Not To Wear As An Adult Woman

Are you an adult woman? I’m not saying adult as a term of being old, because I certainly feel younger than my age. I’m suggesting as an adult you’re making some wiser decisions and hopefully some of those have to do with your wardrobe choices. I recently contributed to an article for Your Tango about the pieces of clothing no grown-ass woman should wear and while we fashion editors were blunt there were more I’d add to the list. As a Style Expert and Los Angeles Stylist, I’d like to share what many of us agreed were the items to rethink and probably retire. And before I get people spouting off that I’m wrong about some of items on this list; I know there are exceptions like women who appear much younger than they actually are, if they’re blessed with nearly perfect bodies and can get away with it are performing on stage or just have supreme confidence to not care and go for it.

What an Adult Woman Should Stop Wearing

1- Pleated Miniskirts.   Let me make it clear – micro mini is key to this scenario. Leave them to the tweens and teens. When you’re out of high school it’s time to retire the look….unless it’s your Halloween homage to Britney Spears.

pleated mini skirt

2 – Tie-Dyed and Torn. While there are plenty of artistic bohemian style tie-dyed tops or maxi dresses out there which are stylish, there is plenty of bad vacation clothing. You should know by now that getting silly braids and souvenir t-shirts like these pictured from some warm weather destination is just that: silly and stupid. Don’t succumb. Stick to solid or striped t-shirts – they’re classic and more stylish.

tie-dyed t-shirts

3 – Platform Flip Flops. Actually no one should wear these, they don’t look good on anybody at any age even with bling. If you want height and comfort please buy a pair of wedge sandals.

platform flip flops

4 – Showing Off All You Assets. If you’re looking for whistles, whispers and men looking for a  one night stand without a conversation, then that’s what these looks scream. Keep a little allure, be provocative, keep the mystery alive. Be smart and seductive in something that highlights one of you best features and you’ll get attention instead of the creepy stalker kind.

club clothes

what not to wear

5 – Socks with heels.  Socks with shoes, yes. Socks with stilettos looks like you’re playing dress up in your mommy’s shoes. If your feet are cold in heels, then switch to stylish boots or wear tights.

socks with heels

6 – Crop Tops and Booty Shorts - I don’t care if you have a rockin’ bod at 45! Leave a little mystery and stop competing with your daughter and trying to be a MILF. Find a dress or outfit that fits your body and we’ll all be jealous of how you’ve kept in great shape.

And when it comes to booty shorts and those cut so high denim shorts that barely cover your ass, well, there is nothing attractive about a woman tugging at her private parts. It’s bad enough when men do that.

booty shorts

Style Expert Alison Deyette is a TV host, Los Angeles stylist and personal shopper, and magazine contributor known best for her dynamic personality and her sharp sense of style. She’s dressed hundreds of clients – from the red carpet to regular folks – bringing a perspective that focuses on each individual and their unique goals, helping find the optimum look for any occasion, body type or budget.


  1. Ms. Sonja D. Alexander Ms. Sonja D. Alexander
    March 2, 2016    

    Hello! Alison Deyette.
    I was watching my favorite news channel this morning and so happen you were on it representing the fashion no! no! I totally disagree with your #2 selection BEDAZZLE, as a person who loves embellishments on garments I feel it’s no age limit on bling, bedazzle, and extra shine on a pair of jeans, jackets etc.. because I and others love standing out with a little pop of glitter. that is one of the reason why I love Quacker Factory by the late great Ms.Jeanne Bice, who designed clothes for WOMEN who appreciate a little bedazzle, bling, embellishment, glitter. And as for your Tie- dyed opinion I give you 5 thumbs down because tie-dye is also CLASSIC and Chic, and it’s a generation after generation trend it’s how you wear it, because in the summer it’s my go to tank and maxi dress because the dyed prints hide all body flab. I thank you! for allowing me to voice my opinion a woman in a mid 50thy

  2. Lauren Johnson Lauren Johnson
    March 9, 2016    

    Is it okay if I wear these to pole dance class?

    • Alison Deyette Alison Deyette
      March 14, 2016    

      Hi Lauren, Pole Dancing class is a whole different ball game and if something makes you feel confident and sexy in pole dancing class then go for it.

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