Wine Gadgets For A Wine Enthusiast

Rosé all day may be what we talk about when Friday afternoon arrives, but what about the rest of the week? I’m sharing two my of favorite must have wine gadgets for a wine enthusiast that stretches beyond just a stemless glass. From cool wine glasses that don’t spill to the benefit of having just one glass, I’ve picked some of my favorite items for your pour. 

Wine Gadgets For A Wine Enthusiast

I’m no sommelier, but I do enjoy a crisp sauvignon blanc from New Zealand, a slightly fizzy “cheerful” vinho verde and a hint of fruit in my pinot noir. And I’ll rarely say no when offered a glass of rosé. When it comes to wine gadgets and glasses, I want it to add to the aesthetic of my home and have multi-purpose. These gadgets are a match (and a great gift).

no-spill-wine-glassesWine Glasses That Don’t Spill

Unlike any other glass, these Aura wine glasses have patented glass pivots on a stainless steel ball to promote the aeration of your beverage. The weight of the ball, the resting height and the angle of the glass, together provide stability, preventing accidental spills even with full pours. Even with full pours! I put it to the test in the video and they spun and didn’t spill. These  cool gift and make great conversation over a dinner party.   

Ultimate Wine Gadget

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I want to pop open that nice bottle of wine for just one glass, but I don’t because I know inevitably it’ll end up wasted if my husband mixes a cocktail instead or happens to be out of town. Problem solved! I found the ultimate wine gadget for wine lovers like me – the Kalorik Wine Opener and Preserver. Now I can open that 2003 reserve we got our anniversary for a glass, then seal it back up for another glass next week and not feel guilty. This Kalorik wine opener and preserver is a genius wine gadget.

Must Have Wine Gadgets For A Wine Enthusiast




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